Autism Awareness

15 years ago it took three years to get a diagnosis of Autism. There were no resources in Quebec so we returned to my birthplace of Toronto, Ontario Canada. When we arrived in Toronto we were told we were on a waiting list for therapies that my brother needed immediately. Even though I was 10 years old I was very aware of the challenge to provide my brother with the support he needed.  Things have changed since then. Easier diagnoses and resources are more readily available thanks to organizations such as Autism Speaks. My brother James has severe ASD, he has oral motor delay and with the exception of one word communication, he is nonverbal. I speak for my brother when I say 'Thank You!​

 Thank you for caring enough to do something. Thank you for creating awareness. Thank you for supporting the parents and the siblings, we need it!  There is still so much more to do and say about Autism but this is a great start!

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